We are back and look at some Catwa Heads

We took a bit of a vacation after over a year of almost constant blogging (not daily) we needed that. We have also decided that chasing from event to event is not exactly what we want to be doing anymore. Yes we still attend events and there will still be a bunch of event items used in our posts they will not be the sole focus anymore. Because honestly we do not like events that much. The getting in, the monthly themes.. the same items in different variations over and over again ( not all but a whole lot )… we have had enough of that especially last month I could not really find a whole lot on these events I attended. Again I only buy things if I will actually wear them more then for a post. We are not sponsored so it’s our own money going into our hobby. And as i stated many times before we like it like that we will only showcase the stuff we like and do not have to force ourselves to say nice things about products we may not care about. Ok ok we do have a sponsorship… of sorts but the owner of SongBird has been a friend for almost 9 years now and I will blog almost all of the things she releases because I love her stuff! On that note we are thinking to do a lot more fantasy type things in the near future because it is one of our big interests yet we barely every showcase it.

But not to make this post completely pointless about event gripes… I have collected a bunch of Catwa heads over the last half year so I decided to showcase them today. With the absolutely awesome skins from Lumae and Deetalez. All but the candy one have frequently shown up in my posts but I did finally purchase the Annie upgrade and added Candy to my list of heads too.


So in the order of appearance we have Catwa Annie (Vampire), Catwa Gwen and Catwa Candy

The hair in all pictures is Magika – 01 – Summer, the Lumae skin is Lumae :: Eirtae – T3 – Shell // Bare  and the Deetalez skin is DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Masha” Nordic

Basically I took a neutral and a soft smile image of each, they are loaded with even more expressions but those are my go to expressions for a bunch of situations!


Catwa Annie


Catwa Gwen

Catwa Candy


Author: Adira

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