Statement: SL sucks

As some might have noticed I pretty much blanked my flickr account. Can never be sure what is stolen and what is not. Unless I know the creator personally it’s no longer on here. Fucking hell, I have recognized so much stolen stuff in my last weeks in SL. I want to say that 90% of SL creators are talentless hacks, be it stealing from DAZ, Renderosity and other content marketplaces or straight up copy-botting.

Or just stealing photographers work and recoloring it then using it as textures, every last of these people fucking sucks. If you have permission to use it, I got no issue with is but frankly barely ever anyone does.

The worst offenders I have come across recently are L’Etre, Caverna Obscura, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Belle Epoche and there is so much more names that can be added to this list so so many more it would run into the hundreds.

I never really did sponsorships except for Songbird because I know Nimil and she rocks and does not steal other people’s work so I could say whatever the hell I wanted about products. In all honesty, all the people doing all those sponsorships ignoring that they support thieves just want to be so desperately the next Strawberry Singh or something, so much that they lose all of their integrity and ride a thieve’s cock so hard and grovel all over to honey their ego.

Nope I am done with SL with content thieves and with the little fanclubs.

Author: Adira

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