Spies for Valentines

Warning! The last picture may be NSFW in some cases though there is no actual nudity!

We ended up doing that Valentines shoot and it was nothing like we planned! Instead of the hearts and frills we went retro and maybe a little noir. Half of the blame should be put on C88 for their current theme and the fact that I really wanted to buy all the things! So our spies went from talking to .. well you know where such things often end up at!

I do not have a whole lot of time to spend on this post unfortunately as I have a SL wedding to attend today, the ‘grown up’ avatar of our adopted daughter is getting married today and I need to go through my wardrobe to find a dress! I never realized how many formal gowns I had that were white and if there is one thing you do NOT wear to someone else wedding it is.. yup white. So all of those dresses are out of question already.

Then there was also the blackout event from alterego yesterday I actually won a skin and a gift card so that was pretty awesome!

Back to our spies. I ended up sticking to very little color for the images it fit the theme rather well and worked out great, though of course a few plashes of color had to be provided be it purple, gold or red otherwise things become a little hard on the eyes. Also some might have noticed I do not wear all that much jewelry in SL same goes for RL only wear it when the occasion calls for it. That includes my wedding band though honestly that is because I am unable to wear ings for more then a few hours at a time my fingers will turn bloody no matter the metal of the ring. In my case it is titanium and white gold. But nope I do wear them on a chain around my necklace fairly frequently.

On a side note I really like blogging however there is one thing I hate doing.. it is adding the SLurls to the shop locations it really takes up most of the time of a post. Though Horus is very good about putting all of the SLurls into his style card for every shoot which takes a lot of work from me!

ValentineSpy I

ValentineSpy II


ValentineSpy BW

A little variation on Valentines in retro Bond style and monochrome. -Horus

Horus was wearing

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body
Mesh Eyes: SONG – Junji Eyes – Blue
Mesh Ears: MANDALA – Steking Ears Season5
Skin: Avi-Glam – Kian Skin – Tone 04 + Omega Appliers for ADAM Body

Hair: No_Match – No_Fact – Espresso

Suit: Kauna – 2BN Suit – Black
(All clothing pieces in each picture are from this suit package.)

Shoes: Deadwool – Monk Shoes – Black @ Monsieur Chic

Adira was wearing

Hands & Feet: Slink – Hands (Casual) & Slink – Feet (Flat)
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab – 21.Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0_All_Emotions_RARE Gacha
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Genesis Lab – Milk (applier for body, hands and feet)
Hair: little bones. – Velvet – The Blend

Jewelry: MANDALA – WHITE_FATPACK Pearl-Rain-Season3 (wearing a bracelet and a pendant from this pack)

Dress: Zaara : Thalia draped gown (maitreya) *aubergine* @C88
Lingerie: ::c.A.:: Thea Bra & Panties *White* @The Gacha Garden
Shoes: Ingenue :: Zora Heels :: Dove @C88

Author: Adira

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