Skin Thursday #2 The Guy edition

This skin Thursday is for the guys. Horus wrote about his favorite skin. Pics first and then the write up as well as credits.


Skin Thirsday #2 The Guy Front

Skin Thirsday #2 The Guy Side

Skin Thirsday #2 The Guy Back

Skin Thirsday #2 The Guy Close Up

I’m pretty sure it’s no secret that the huge majority of shots that go up on 2vsfashion with me in them you’ll see ‘Skin: Tableau Vivant’ in the style sheet.  This is due to a few factors, one of which is that I really do like the Tableau Vivant male skins: I find them aesthetically pleasing, well-crafted and they make for a very ‘clean’ base upon which to build a look. There’s another major factor, but I’ll get to that after a mention of some of the cons to TV skins, like the fact they’re very much ‘glamorized’ skin types in that some would find too perfect and/or pretty. Also while there is enough variety in their line-up to pick two or three skins you like, adding more to your collection on top of it becomes very much ‘more of the same’ in terms of overall variety.  That said, they have a lot of customization options for both SL standard avatars and the TMP body and heads, which as mentioned above, allow you fo very simply customize a look to suit.

This particular skin is the ‘Sean’, in Tone 06. It’s essentially my everyday skin and a common one to see in blog posts with me; it’s my favorite TV skin, just edging out the ‘Alyx’ skin.  One reason for this is that I have, unless necessary for something, have mostly given up using the TMP mesh head and use my regular SL avatar head with my TMP mesh body.  When you go to buy the Sean skin it doesn’t include a head applier for TMP, its a system layer only package, though it’s in the tones matched to TV’s TMP body appliers. The effect is essentially seamless, even when using tattoos that rise through the neck like I often do; the system layer tattoo on plain SL avatar head matches up very well with the tattoo on the TMP body.  Why don’t I use the TMP head? I prefer much more creativity in facial shapes than the available mesh heads can give you, there are a huge number of extremely good existing system layer hairbases and such for the SL avatar head, and perhaps most importantly, I can alpha the ears out and use mesh ears which the TMP heads don’t allow for.  I’m kind of big on the mesh ears, if you haven’t noticed.

So above I said I’d explain one of major factors for really liking this skin later, and here we are. To put it bluntly, there are only a handful of male skin makers that will provide you with a SL avatar skin in addition to a TMP body applier for the tone.  Most will only want to sell you TMP head and TMP body appliers, and don’t offer the skin for SL avatar. Out of that limited group there are only a few that make skins in photo-worthy quality, that have what we’ll call ‘wear-ability’, and acceptable pricing.  It is quite difficult for me to find new skins that match all those criteria.  Luckily for me Tableau Vivant offers you a lot of ways to enjoy their male skins, and so here we are with one of their skins being shown for my first skin feature.


Horus was wearing

Mesh Body: TMP Deluxe Male
Mesh Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes – Wight
Skin: Tableau Vivant– Sean – Tone 06 + TMP Tone 06 Body Applier

Hairbase: Tableau Vivant – Buzzcut (Included in Sean skin package)
Shorts: [Pumpkin] – TMP Beach Shorts – Blue

Author: Adira

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