Razor/// A collection of awesome!

Horus and I carry around a somewhat impressive collection of Razor/// clothing. It is pretty much all awesome… however recently they started supporting Slink and Belleza which makes it just better. (I own all of those)

The stuff displayed today is in no particular order and not just new stuff, sometimes we like not displaying the newest stuff possible we display whatever we find is display worthy however some of the shoes and shirts I am wearing in this shoot are from their newest releases so that is covered too.

The reason we like Razor/// so much? Well it fits quite nicely with the RP Sim Horus is deeply involved with just about everything he buys there can be worn in there and look spot on! As for me.. I just like that style!



We love Razor/// IV

This is my personal favorite image from this set. Really like the pose. Which came from PURPLE POSES – Couple 213


We love Razor/// III

Pose is {PM} 157



We love Razor/// II

I’d like to point out this hair is awesome it has the strangest color choices and therefor fits great! Pose is {PM} 170





We love Razor/// I

There is a reason a girl should not go into dingy warehouses alone… accidental pose strangling!  Pose is .:String Me Up:. Hold Me


We love Razor/// V



I have even more stuff from there but hey these are the ones I enjoy the most! -Adira


A designer themed shoot that was a lot of fun.  And a decent bit stressful, actually.  It can be at times very easy to take one outfit from a single brand but when you’re trying to put well-matched shots together you suddenly look at your inventory like its hiding something from you… at least that was my experience.  On a purely positive personal note its always a fun day when Adira starts pulling out her skimpy Razor/// stuff and those sick heels. -Horus


Horus was wearing


Mesh Body: TMP Deluxe Male
Mesh Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Mesh Ears: AITUI – Stretched Ears Gen. 4
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Alyx – Tone 05 + TMP Tone 05 Body Applier
Eyebrows: Tableau Vivant – Attractive – Dark
Eyeliner: SongBird – Guyliner – Smoked
Beard: Tableau Vivant – Trident – Dark
Facial Piercings: Hebenon Vial – Anonymous – Ink
7mad.Ravens – Chipped Stone Ring
G.iD – God King Unisex ring – Black & Silver
Earthstones – Wedding Rings – Devotion Men’s Ring – White Gold
B’LEAF – Bud Ring – Black
Tattoo: Speakeasy – Decay – Faded

Hair: MINA – Bas – Ombres
Jacket: Razor/// – Vintage Revolver Jacket
Pants: Razor/// – SideSlip Pants
Shoes: V-Spot – H-Tone Sneakers – Grey

Hair: Taketomi – Kano – Balayage
Sleeves: Razor/// – Foe Sleeves – Fatal
Sweats: Razor/// – Mack Sweats
Boots: Razor/// – Enforcer Boots

Hair: Taketomi – Kano – Balayage
Coat: Razor/// – Freshman Jacket
Pants: Razor/// – Drift Denim – Black
Boots: Covered – Stomp Boots – Gray

Hair: Taketomi – Kano – Balayage
Necklace: AITUI – Revolt Necklace – 02
Shirt: Razor/// – Rebel Button-Up
Pants: Razor/// – Suspension Pants – Black
Shoes: FATEstep – Nylon Chucks

Hair: Taketomi – Kano – Balayage
Necklace: AITUI – Revolt Necklace – 02
Shirt: Razor/// – Chevron Double Shirt
Pants: Razor/// – Hustler Jeans
Shoes: FATEstep – Nylon Chucks


Adira was wearing


Mesh Mouth: Loud Mouth – Allie 3.0 (Lipsticks from Pink Acid Marilyn Matte Lips + Appliers – Reds and NOX. – Melted Lip [Pink/Purple])
Mesh Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes – Electric
Mesh Ears: AITUI – Stretched Ears Gen. 4
Mesh Hands&Feet: Slink Hands (Flat) & Feet (high)
Skin: .{yumyums}. – {Porcelain} Hope Skin & Appliers
Eyeliner: .Birdy. –  VIP {Eyeliner} Pack of 10 <3
EarthStones – Devotion Bridal Set White Gold


Hair: [RA] – Mimi Hair – Ombres
Top: Razor/// – Chambers Shirt – Crossed / Red
Shorts: Razor/// – Allure Shorts -Animal – w/ HUD
Heels: Razor/// – Dominion Boot – Black

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Fleur – Light Browns
Bra: Razor/// – Venus – Spike Bra – Ocean / GACHA
Skirt (butt strap): Razor/// – Simple Black Skirt w/ HUD
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Alena – HUD.3
Dress: Razor/// – Razor Faith Dress (this was my first Razor and to this day favorite)
Heels: Razor/// – Velocity Heels – Black

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Alena – HUD.3
Dress: Razor/// – Senorita Night Dress – Pink Blend
Heels: Razor/// – Velocity Heels – Black
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Alena – HUD.3
Dress: Razor/// – Stray Dress Pink / Fuschia / Seafoam

Author: Adira

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