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Alrighty so when things get busy… or technical issues are a plenty there will be quick looks from now on. As for that monitor of mine, had to return the non functional evil heap of plastic and am going to replace my 9 year old Wacom with a new Wacom instead. I just really wanted the newer cheaper alternative to work great sadly I guess you get what you pay for. Enough of that…

Earlier this month before my manic freak out over my monitor… wait ok I said I was done with that ok again earlier this month before certain issues happened I managed to go to C88! Yay… On a side note I think I also purchased all recent Le Forme skins… anyways back to C88, I loved this round.. everything was pretty awesome and I spent too much. Story of my life really. I still sort of not really like events but i do like new shinnies very torn.

Ok ok because I am in a hurry I am going to say a few things on the head.. I love it it is so cute! I had it for a while and never took it for a spin. So the Bibi head really goes rather well for all those cutesy looks without looking so absolutely sad like a bunch of my cute but very frowny mesh lips. it expresses well and I love it. There is going to be a Catwa showcase coming up soon! Or maybe a new head off maybe both who knows.

I love this dress too I really do! The gold accent is just enough, not too much not too little, I know they had an evening dress version of it too however that was a little too ‘busy’ for my eyes.



A quick Look




Mesh Body Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Hands & Feet Slink Hands (casual) & Slink Feet (deluxe)
Skin Le Forme Gacha – Yuki Skin Catwa Applier BOX 08 @Gacha Garden
Hair *barberyumyum*74 (brown)
Dress (fd) Little Baroque Dress – Navy @C88
Shoes Momento. ballet flats gacha black



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