Playing with Leaves and a bit about a mesh head

Ah I remember playing with leaves as a child. The places I lived at growing up had some awesome autumns.  It’s so funny I tried to find some good pictures of the tiny village I spent a chunk of my childhood in but frankly… there is not a whole lot of anything on the net about it, so here you go a satellite map of the village. Altenhasungen (Belongs to Wolfhagen im Landkreis Kasssel which is part of Hessen, Germany) It is a far cry from where I live now in sunny Florida! Autumn there started fairly early each year and usually by November we would have had some kind of snow.

Anyways I can catch all of that in SL now because as I mentioned before I have barely any seasons now but I did somewhat gladly trade for having it nice and warm! I love the earth tones and muted tones you can find a lot and I always love to see the creations people come up with. It seems that the change of leaves and colors does bring out quite some creativity in a whole lot of people not only vendors.

Today I am showcasing a new outfit I picked up at The Chapter Four, some hair and a new mesh-head that were just two of my terribly impulsive buys at The Seasons Story. I loved both events this month… and oh god the Epiphany starts today.. Kawaii Project in a few days… my poor wallet!

As for this absolutely cute dress it comes with a hud, you can chose between three button colors and a whole slew of colors for the dress, the sweater color is decided by which one you buy. Absolutely versatile and the price was amazing too.

After the picture I am going to briefly speak about the mesh head.

Playing with Leaves


Alright so Genesis Lab has been making a whole lot of heads recently, Gachas and otherwise matter of factly I got a few heads I have not yet showcased I buy them faster then I can use them… which is why I have a Genesis Lab head post planned in the next month or so. Anyways some people may remember that a while back I did a mesh head comparison and the Genesis Lab head did not place all that well due to limited options. Their recent heads have been a great improvement, not just in functionality but options and skin colors and choices, some skin creators even started making appliers. Though those do not work on every head so you may want to check before you buy. This head today is called Olivia, it has no expressions but it blinks, lashes and all. Now the blinking distorts the textures of the lids a little but honestly it is so brief it does not really matter to me, the lightly parted lips make up for the lack of expressions for the most part. it is a very pretty head that is being sold at The Seasons Story. They also offered a free skin applier there as gift and a set of eye shadows and lipsticks for sale.

I still prefer my SL face to any and all mesh options but man these medh heads are sort of an addiction for me, Genesis Lab anyways I have not quite gotten myself to pick up the Logo or Catwa head yet. If I do another mesh head comparison in the future that will be the point I pick those up for sure to add them to the mix.


Adira was wearing

Mesh Head: Genesis Lab – Genesis_Head_Olivia_2.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara (with Olivia Milk appliers)
Mesh Ears: Mandala– Stekking Ears
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (casual)

Nail Polish: (*ANGELICA) – DOLLY PINK MAKE UP PACK1 #princess (slink nail appliers)
Hair: Doe: – Gretchen – Essentials

Outfit: ::C’est la vie !:: – Yvette autumn look(pink) @The Chapter Four
Boots: *BOOM* – Rubbery Rain Boots (Basics Set) RARE (they were at the Arcade a few months back BOOM has since closed their in world locations but can still be found on the MP)

Pose: Glamrus . – DeAnna

Author: Adira

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