Pink in the Clouds Pt. I

Well yesterday we had a minor hiccup with our host, they renewed our hosting account as they should but forgot our domain… nice one. So I had to get that fixed.

I think I mentioned a few times how I got too much stuff at C88? Yeah I did, well I also picked up these adorable kitten poses. My trip to flower power was good too and even Hentai Fair. Yeah I was not going to go to be completely honest because that kind of stuff is not exactly up or down my alley but I saw Song had some eyes there… which means I HAD to go. Was not too bad, of course there was loads of the stuff you would totally expect there to be however quite a few items were totally PG and rather cute. So in the end I am happy I went.

RL has been busy but not too busy to keep me from delving into a few new aspects of SL such as family RP… yep. So We adopted a cute little girl and you may or may not see her in some upcoming pictures. She is a fun girl to be around and outside of RP we have become fast friends. So that is certainly awesome.

A friend of ours is also in the process of finishing up a new RP sim so I will finally have some excuses to post some fantasy looks again though I am unsure how much I will involve myself, my fantasy/scifi RP experiences in SL have not been that great.

Anyways enough of the rambling I promised a picture so there will be a picture. The second one of the series will be posted tomorrow I am not completely done with it.

Tree in the Clouds


Adira was wearing

Mesh Mouth:VCO ~ Benny Mesh Lip
Mesh Eyes: {S0NG} :: Venus Eyes -Sky Eye @Hentai Fair (sorry no direct link to this event from our blog you can easily find it in the SL search or on Seraphim)
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara (with VCO Benny appliers)
Skin: VCO SKIN ~ benny
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (casual) Slink Feet (flat) (with VCO Benny appliers)
Hair: Doe: Katrin – Candy

Top: PICHI – Karen Oversized Sweater [rainbow1] @Flower Power
Shorts: PICHI – Karen Shorts [floral2] @Flower Power
Shoes: G&D – Sandals Orchidea v1 White  @Flower Power

Author: Adira

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