Part 2 of the big mesh head comparison

As promised here is part two of my in depth look at mesh heads, you can guess it already this is likely going to be a wall of text.

This time I am looking at LOGO Alex and Catwa Annie Vampire I am also revisiting LeLutka Stella and a Genesis Lab head by the name of Julia. LeLutka had a significant update which is why it is back today and due to the big improvements in Genesis Lab heads I am also adding that brand back today. The SLink visage did not have any big updates when it comes to form and features though it should be noted that SLink visage is now Omega compatible. SLink was not added to the comparison today. There was no news on the TMP head front so it was not added back into this comparison either. If you want a look at it you can see it in my OLD POST.

Before we really get started all opinions expressed in this post are solely my own I am not offending and/or bashing any head and or/maker. Tastes differ but I do try to stay as objective as I can. Oh I purchased all of these heads myself and was not given any of them for free or review purposes.

The skin on Catwa and Logo is from alterego, the LeLutka head has a Candy Doll skin applied and the Genesis Lab head uses a Genesis Lab skin.

Logo and LeLutka are using IKON eyes, Catwa uses Song eyes and Genesis Lab uses the supplied eyes.


I am always looking for new interesting mesh heads even though I prefer my SL face. There are so many heads to chose from right now. Though some are most definitely better then some others. The price range is pretty close too when it comes to heads you can generally expect to pay between 2000 and 3500 per head on average more on the pricing later.

Alright let’s get started. Same as last time we are going to take a look at a full font view with open eyes.

Front ViewThey all look pretty good. The Genesis Lab head has the lips parted by default on this head. These are all pretty nice heads. As a note Logo has a separate hair-base and Catwa has a hud to add hair-bases.

Next up a side view, looking at the side profile and the ears maybe some of you remember last time I did not like any of the ears… spoiler alert … that has not changed!

Side Ear

There we go all of these heads look pretty good from the side where the profile is concerned. The ears are terrible… all of them. Just terrible. I might be somewhat of an ear snob but when I use these heads I always wear them with my MANDALA ears! These ears remind me more of Cauliflower then ears. If I had to pick the least offensive ears it would be the Catwa ones. The good news is you can wear your own ears in most cases.

Front view with eyes closed.

Closed Eyes

Looks alright though the Catwa head has some texture pulling though that is nothing that can not be fixed with a little post work. I would like to note that the Genesis Lab head is a different version of the Julia head as it comes in two flavors. One has emotions (full facial expressions) the other is a blinker head which has four different eye positions from wide open to fully closed.

Font view with parted lips.

Open Mouth

All of these heads have a version of parted lips last time that was all that most heads could do and that was a little disappointing however there is good news expressions are a thing now in most heads now.


Let us look at the HUD’s next, I’ll explain after the image.



I am showcasing the expression hud here because I am wearing the Omega version of the head and that means that most functions need their own HUDs depending on the skin and vendor. Now here is the amazing thing, you can mix and match expressions with that hud, apply the eye position from one and the mouth from another, or if you want the whole expression you can do that too by clicking different parts of the image on the HUD. And you can buy a bunch of add on expression/make up/extras HUDs too.


Very straight foward, there are two HUDs one handles hair bases and teeth the other everything else. One interesting thing, these expressions are animated, they can play on a loop or be made static. There is a whole bunch of options there and you can save your own appliers into the HUD too.


I admit this is all I want in a HUD… if all HUDs were like that I’d be in heaven.

Genesis Lab

Only the expression HUD, the face and ears had their own HUD and all extra functions require their own appliers as is customary. Now the latest two or three heads had a HUD that is comparable to LeLutka and the others so there is even more improvement to be had.


If you are looking for expressions keep reading they are at the end of this post.

Looking at the price of the heads and what they offer out of the box. Mesh heads are never really cheap (for the most part) and three of them will set you back a little.

LOGO Alex 2500L$ You get one head in all of LOGO’s skin colors and a Omega compatible head. Also in the package are neck fixes, shapes to start you off with to make sure the eyes and other parts are in the right position. You also get different ears, a whole lot of skin options for the SL default body, eyes and a hair base. (To use the omega functions you also need to buy the Omega Kit for Logo heads.) Then there are two emotion HUDs, one is in the general customization HUD and the other one is a smaller one that you can use i you do not want to wear the bulky HUD.

Catwa Annie 3599L$ You get two HUDs one for hair and teeth and one that handles everything else and a shape. (The Annie head now also exists as a human head without the fangs)

LeLutka Stella 2500L$ You get the head, hair, the main HUD as well as some extras like make up and a bunch of other minor goodies. The default skins of this head are from Glam Affair which means it will match all the appliers and or skins you already have from there.

Genesis Lab Julia 99L$ I am sure you can guess it this head was in a Gacha. The Blinker head and the Emotions head both come in two different skin colors, they bring their respective HUDs along as well as a shape to make sure your eyes are in the right place. This head also exists as common Gacha then you will only receive a single expression.


It is always important to buy a product that has some good support and I am happy to say that all of these heads have pretty good support.

LOGO support has taken off too and there is a few places that make skin and/or make up for this head now. The creator however offers excellent add ons and options for the LOGO head. A variety of lip sticks, eye shadows and even freckles.

LeLutka is all over the place no worries there.

Catwa is a fairly new head and you can see the Catwa support logo popping up all over the grid again no worries there.

Genesis Labs finally also sees quite a bit of skin and make up support amongst creators but even without that it would not be a big problem as the talented people at Genesis Lab make tons of skins, lipsticks and eye shadows for their new heads.




Look at the pics and then you can read my rambling…

Logo Emotions

Catwa Emotions

Lelutka Stella Emotions

Genesis Julia Emotions

Logo has four.. yes FOUR expression HUDs for the Alex head, granted two are seperate purchases but if you want a ton of choices LOGO is where it’s at right now. You can even mix and match them…

Catwa has animated expressions! And all of them look pretty nice.

LeLutka has a few expressions and I would say that head and its expressions are very much the classic model kind of look.

Genesis Lab heads come in many variants, some have expressions some have eye controls only, it depends on the head.

When it comes to mesh heads now I am not ever going to buy a head that does not express… for the money I spend on heads they have to be rather versatile these days and the heads showcased today most certainly are that. I can see myself getting quite a bit of use out of all of them when I am not using my SL face which as I said before rather like.


Since I have already ranted about the ears I will let that rest for now.

If you want a mesh head this is the time to go and find your favorite there are so many to chose from!





Author: Adira

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