Night In The Forest

I give you a break from swim suits! Recently I wandered my favorite fantasy haunts for new stuff and stuff i should have bought a long time ago but somehow did not. This involved playing Junbug Gachas and I got pretty freaking lucky, three rares and a ultra rare within maybe 10 draws. Good thing too because my wallet is still in a state of shock from Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

There was some major post work in this image I did not plan this as a blog post at first. But the items used certainly deserved some mention! The cloak especially! ( PFC~Elven Cloak )

It is absolutely awesome, with a command you can take the hood down and then place it again, it even comes with a script that you can add to your hair (only do that if the hair is copy and make a copy first just in case!) Then the command will also hide your hair while the hood is up. Pretty sweet. The hood also has a shadow effect to hide your face if you are not into that you can decide how much shadow you want if any at all. Last but not least you can add a custom crest to the cloak, instructions are included on how to. You get both male and female cloaks it the pack and of course a hud to change colors.

Then of course there is Aisling… I feel that at this point I can more or less say if they have released it there is a good chance I have bought it and I am not apologetic!

The scenery is in one of my sky domes, I have a few of them with different scenes in them depending on what I want to do but this one in particular is part of our medieval fantasy cottage we keep to RP in. I am really in love the scrying bowl! You can add your own images to them and have it cycle through them making them look all distorted as if you were given a vision in the water. Though for the picture I painted a bunch of fog into it.

Night in the forest

Adira was wearing

Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (gesture)
Cloak: PFC~Elven Cloak
Dress: *{Junbug}* M’lady in Black RARE
Belt: . a i s l i n g . Tiernan Belt 1.1
Body Particles: **CC** – Glamour Glitter (you should visit this sim just to look around it is amazing!)



Forest: Enchanted Woods V2 from Studio Skye [2.20]
Scrying Bowl: *HEXtraordinary* Silver Scrying Bowl – Black Marble
Fog and Glimmer: {anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [Heavenlyblue]


Author: Adira

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