Male Mesh Bodies: Slink and TMP comparison


Author: Adira

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  1. I play SL with both a male and female alt. The Maitreya (Lara) Mesh body, is a breeze to configure – it’s child’s play really. What a stark difference there is, trying to navigate through the conterparts for male mesh bodies.

    I’m be the first to admit this is not my forte`. But surely others, especially guys, arefinding themselves, like me, growing extremely frustrated by the lack of simplicity, which seems plagued with male mesh bodies, compared to say Maitreya, which reiterating is “child’s play” to use and configure.

    I’ve given up on my male alt and reverted back. Heard on the grape vine, that Maitreya is bringing out a male version, lets hope this is true. I’ll certainly be buying one!

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    • I heard about a male Maitreya too months ago, not sure where that is or if that is something that will come to pass. Horus has been pretty good with navigating the bodies, he has picked up quite a few more and we are going to compare the main males ones again in the future, if you need any help hit us up in SL maybe we can help you through your frustrations. You can find me under Adira Lux (laylah.yaseotoko) in SL.

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