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Alright, let us try this again for the second time today the first time our host was having issues.

I am finally back and free of surgeries and/or other misc procedures for exactly a month, pretty excited about that since I was starting to get pretty grumpy. But I am down to the reconstructive efforts now so there is an end in sight. Awesome!


So Luxe Box happened and I am of dual opinion on it. In theory I like the concept, a lot actually. In actuality I still like it just not as much :). Here is why. And no I am not going to slander any of the item creators they are pretty darn awesome, the lot of them. I liked a good bit of the items in there it was certainly worth the introductory price! If the price stays within that general range add up to 750ish I will very likely keep subbing.  All of the items were of high quality as one can expect from those creators.

They just were not all for me. The Moon Hair for example does not work with my mesh heads or my preferred SL avi head shapes. I am unwilling to adjust my head to fit hair. The Erratic dress and Reign shoes are also not my style though the shoes i think I can make work for me the dress no. But that is alright does not diminish it’s quality. Now the Magika hair I absolutely love.. like LOVE! The bed by Tarte and the build by Scarlet Creative I can likely use for something as a set in the future, so not too bad if not my first choice. Again these items are not bad or made badly they are just not what I would have bought had I been given a choice.

How does it work? Well from the 1st of the month until the 14th you can join the group and pay the sub fee upon joining. Then on the 15th you are delivered a HUD via the group messaging system, this HUD will give you your items.

The HUD this month looked like this


I am showcasing my favorite items from the box, all of them had Texture HUD’s and a few options in them, so you get like a mini fatpack of everything more or less.

To find out ALL of the details you can check out


Here are the items I liked the most!


This one features the Tee*fy Dress from the Luxe Box as well as the Magika Hair. (All non box items will be in the credits at the end of the page as usual)


Again Magika Hair and the Tres Blah Dress from the Luxe Box.



I know it comes as a surprise.. more Magika Hair and the Blueberry Top both from the Box!


Magika Hair (*gasp*) and the Foxes Knot Top from the Luxe Box.


In closing, as I said before if the price does not go up too much I will likely keep subbing, I would also love itty bitty sneak peaks so that would make it easy to skip a box if it’s not for you.

Also I want to rave about the skin… it comes with just about every applier relevant in SL right now for a very… super uber reasonable price and yes all appliers are included!


Adira was wearing (that did not come from the box)

Mesh Head: CATWA – HEAD Annie Vampire
Mesh Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ciate~ Sky Eye
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara ( Lumae Appliers)
Mesh Hands & Feet: Slink Hands (casual) & Slink Feet (deluxe) (Lumae Appliers)
Skin Applier for the Catwa Head: Lumae :: Eirtae – T3 – Shell // Bare

Shoes: fri. – Honey.Platforms (Blush) @C88

Author: Adira

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