Last day of 2015

And here we are another year gone and we are not getting it back.. not that we should want to!

In RL I do not do a whole lot of reflecting at the end of each year, it was either a good one, a bad one or an ok one. This year was pretty ok with streaks of good. Though I always hope that the next year will be better then the one before! I was briefly playing with the idea to attend one of the many parties in SL tomorrow night but we ended up with our own plans and are going to have a few people over mostly parents of my daughters friends that we happen to not hate!

We started this blog earlier this year and are only a few months from our first year mark, I am impressed I have been able to keep up with it as I have! Life does tend to get a little busy especially in December.

So here is a quick list of my favorite things this year in no particular order.

foxes, Maitreya, Slink, Logo, alterego, VCO, C’est la vie!, The Chapter Four, Genesis Lab, tsg, Magika Hair, Atomic, Loud Mouth, PXL, Deetalez, SongBird, Colabor88 and a few others that I can not remember this very moment, yes there has been quite a few faves this year. Creators like the aforementioned ones make SL a better experience!

There were a few things this year in SL that annoyed me greatly! Mostly it is Drama that other people involve myself and Horus in expecting us to pick sides or trying to manipulate us unto seeing it their way. Well it does not work! The moment we feel something fishy is on the Horizon we back off. Got a teenager in my RL I do not need grown ups behaving like teens in my SL. There are the occasional people who do not understand boundaries and find it is a-ok to try and get in between us well those just give us a good laugh and we move on. I am however always amazed about the degrees of drama adults can cause. Luckily there was very little of that and we stayed clear!

The next thing I did not enjoy was my few attempts at RP, the SL RP scene is not for me mostly it is all really out there fantasy sims that allow too many things and do not have enough rules or well Gor. I am not a fan of either so my short foray into the scene was short lived however Horus had more luck he is a whole lot more tolerant when it comes to pet peeves. I do RP plenty in other games though so I do not really feel I missed out on a whole lot.

So what have I learned this year when it comes to SL? I love mesh…. I also love mesh heads even though I prefer my SL face with just mesh attached lips! I regret buying the TMP body and head! I can not remember when I used them last, sometime around July maybe? It’s been a while and I do not think I will be using them again! The lesson here being don’t buy everything that seems shiny right now I have certainly slowed down and am putting more thought into my purchases.

Another lesson I got that I could have gone without is that old friends are not always happy when you return, luckily I get those hints rather quickly! So I said good bye to a few friends and hello to a whole bunch of new ones.

And then of course there were a few questionable buys and a whole lot of stuff that never made it into the blog… so much did not make the cut!

That is it for the last post of the year! I’ll leave you with best wishes for 2016, may you learn many things and be happy.. and of course a picture!


Happy New Year


Adira was wearing

Mesh Head: CATWA – HEAD Annie Vampire
Mesh Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ciate~ Sky Eye
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara (DeeTaleZ Nordic Appliers)
Skin Applier for the Catwa Head: DeeTaleZ – *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Jolie” – Nordic
Hair: [LCKY] – Julie // Cocoa Pack

Crown: [Foxes] – Party Head band – Silver @C88
Dress: [Foxes] -Dip Dress –  Maitreya – Champagne  @C88
Shoulder Wrap: [Foxes] – Shoulder wrap – Black @C88
Shoes: JD – Cult Lacquered Black (Maitreya)

Author: Adira

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