It’s good bye for now

After sitting down with Horus and talking things through we have decided to put SL on the backburner for now. SL was always about a number of things for us. Role-play, Fashion, Fun. In recent months all of these aspects were no longer filled by SL. Role-play I thought was interesting shut down leaving only settings I can not get into or blatant sex rp sims. Not into those either. Fashion was so repetitive that no matter what I bought it always seemed like I already had 10 items kinda like it and for fun, well without role-play no fun.

Then since November I basically did not buy much at all, there was nothing worth sinking my money into, male fashion also sucked which did not inspire Horus to do much at all. He got heavily involved in EVE online instead and I went back to a variety of MMO’s I like. There are many! As a gamer SL could not keep my attention enough without the role-play. Conan Exiles releases later this month and I purchased a private server for my clan so that is where I will fill my RP needs.

Then there is RL too I just opened a company, I’ll be so busy in the coming months I can not spread myself overly thin across games I love and well SL which I don’t love so much right now.

I wish all of you well, thanks for reading, this domain will expire in February and will not be renewed.


XOXO Adira

Author: Adira

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