Happy Holidays from us to you

This is not a usual fashion blog entry! We just want to take a moment to wish everyone happy holidays!

Things are quite busy at home until after Christmas but we found a tiny bit of time to sit down and take two silly pictures! We hope you and yours have a good couple of days with family and friends. We are having us a tech X-mas, Horus is getting an iPad, I got a new phone and our child her very first own PC. Though I let her use it already to play along side us in a MMO we enjoy.

We will see you all shortly after Christmas with our usual posts!

Happy Happy


Ah yes Shoulder Kitty you have not met him yet, Horus is his fashion accessory and when we are not blogging… he is wearing his beloved kitty, he also waited for hours to get into the event to get the tiny snowman.

Author: Adira

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