Fall is here!

Guess who broke her foot… this girl did. Yep I sustained a stress fracture in my left foot and some minor muscle tearing and am hobbling around with one of those walking casts. It is however getting much better already and I am getting back to doing stuff. Including SL!

I finished my fall revamp of our quarter sim and am bracing for pumpkin spice latte everything… EVERYWHERE…

Some may remember my rant on that before but I am a pumpkin spice anything hater unless it is used moderately in pumpkin cheesecake or pie and even then less is more. Besides I am in Florida… you do not really taste fall when the weather stays toasty. Sometimes (a lot as of lately) I miss having real seasons and the need for awesome fall/winter clothing. But I suppose that is what I have SL for.

C88 was good for fall things that was the only event I went to so far this month because the whole foot thing laid me out for a while. So today we are going to go over my C88 trip.

Getting there even with the shopping Sim is a pain. I put my portal hood on (Yep I resorted to that) after 45 minutes of manual clicking. Then I tabbed out into another game and finished two raids (not WoW mind you I played that for so long I detest it now) tabbed back into SL had had to wait another hour, ah well I got there and I liked it a lot. I bought a lot of misc things some clothing some decor and an adorable kitty!

A quick note on the pretty flower crown : In the first picture it is way way too shiny I noticed it too late and decided to let it be the way it was in the closeup I went into the texture settings and removed the shininess and prevented it from turning into a reflector again! I like it better that way.





Mesh Head LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Omega
Mesh Body Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Hands & Feet Slink Hands (casual) & Slink Feet (deluxe)
Skin Glam Affair – Miriam Appliers for LOGO – Asia 02
Hair TRUTH HAIR Tierney –  light blondes
Eye shadow !Musa! Bindi&Eyeshadow gacha Chloe Set8
Lipstick .::Supernatural::. Cupcake Lipstick Logo (Omega)
Dress Zaara : Lekha boho dress (maitreya) *turquoise* @C88
Hair wreath (Yummy) Mixed Flower Crown – Red@C88
Kitten O.M.E.N . Sleepy Bengal . Gray – Holdable BOXED @C88

Author: Adira

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