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Recently I found myself looking for a skin for a very specific project, not too tan not too pale. I was looking around the grid for a good three days before stumbling over Egozy on the Marketplace. I bought two skins from there in the golden tone one was Hyolee and the other one Bae. Today we are looking at Bae for Catwa, Hyolee had a tiny issue which made that skin not suitable for what I wanted it other than that I love both skins equally.


As always the skin pictures are NOT edited, they are raw snaps taken right out of SL and then just slapped together. I used a fairly bright windlight to show the details, so this is what you get out of the box unedited.




Why do I like the skin? First of all, it is a dream on most CATWA heads that I have tried out and Catwa is more or less my unofficial fave when it comes to heads with LOGO coming in second. The details such as the brows on the skin are done very well, I avoid brows applied as  layer because more often then not trying to balance eyeshadows, lashes and brows end up with a lot of glitches. Alpha glitches frustrate me greatly so I cut down on alpha layers as much as I can. As far as brows go you get a browless version and five colors ranging from black to a lighter shade of brown. No blond sorry but the skin is a little tan by default so that fits perfectly well. And as I mentioned you do get a version without brows to apply your own. The skin also comes with a range of lipsticks and eyeshadows, I was not too fond of either, don’t get me wrong they are nice, just not my favorite colors or styles, I am wearing neither. Another awesome thing I could not find any real seams the transition from mesh head to mesh body is pretty smooth too

The skin is available in six shades ranging from lightly tanned to very dark. If you are looking for great ethnic skin shades that do not just look like someone slapped a dark overlay on a white skin check them out, Egozy has a number of awesome skins in darker tones. This post was not sponsored as you might remember I do not accept sponsorships I blog the stuff I like and/or stuff my friends make!


Here now an edited close up!

Close Up Adira Final



Mesh Head CATWA HEAD Destiny
Mesh Body Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Eyes [Buzz] Moka Eyes – Poison
Skin Egozy.Bae (Golden)Catwa
Hair little bones.
Lipstick Arte – Catwa Applier – Lipstick – Matte – 10 Tones
Bikini Phenix – Floral Bikini + Appliers – Pink


Author: Adira

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