Catching up in pastel

What a busy month it has been, family visits from Germany health problems and other small things.

My mother is back home now and I have a little more time, sadly I am to begin a number of unpleasant procedures this upcoming week. So my sparse posting habits may persist for a little while longer. That being said last month I did not find a whole lot of stuff I actually wanted to blog, and that is a little sad. But yes I only buy and blog the things I can see myself actually wearing, I do not buy to simply blog it once and then forget about it.

Skin Fair was really good though and I am glad I could make some time for it, I still have a bunch of stuff from there I will be using here in the next few posts. Today it is a very TSG post, I gave their mesh lips and new skin a try and made a new shape to go with that too. That was a lot of fun. The dress ended up being tsg too from the March round of Kawaii Project, I really like the dress and am super happy they included a modest version, the last dress I hot in that style needed some appliers worn underneath unless of course.. you know you want to put yourself on display at the time! You got the option with this dress too!

SL’s obsession with monthly events is getting to me, I really wish more vendors still had store releases staggered throughout the month. I order all my purchases by store and event each month and then blog out of those folders, by the time the next event comes around I often still have left overs and subsequently the next month I will buy less. Now I can get behind fairs or events that run every 2 to 3 months and the small events are fine too but those big monthly ones they seem to become a chore to me and I no longer even attempt to go there on the first day or even the second or third. And a few events as of late have made me shake my head, recolored objects that were on three different events already. The same shirt a few new colors slapped onto it just to have something to release at an event that is kinda… well to each their own. The other thing that makes me shake my head is those releases by big names that are a little too inspired by actual RL items.. and by that I mean partially taken textures or simple items where the texture is an old poster or book cover, even though it has become public domain (and in some cases it has not) that is just lazy and it makes me not want to spend my Linden with that store ever again. My personal boycott list is ever growing but no I am not going to name and shame if I find actual IP theft I usually let the owners or their representatives know so they can take the appropriate steps.

Enough of the rant and onward to the pictures. I actually took them over a week ago but never quite could find the time to post them.

Catching up in pastel I

Catching up in pastel II


Adira was wearing

Mesh Mouth: .tsg. –  Rei Mesh Lips – X Tone Gap and Pout
Mesh Eyes: #adored – daydream eyes – echo
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara (With Rei Appliers)
Skin: .tsg. Rei Skin X Tone
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (casual) (With Rei Appliers)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR  Sakura 1 Side [Browns / Teal Bears] (Gacha)

Nail applier: Bella Elephante – Cotton Candy Nails

Outfit: .tsg. Sexy Yukata – Sakura Pink

Author: Adira

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