Bicycle and Spring!

In my life those two really go together, at least mentally, now where I live now riding a bike is not a very good idea unless you want to get hit by a car… a speeding car… that will likely not even stop. However when I was younger right up until I moved to the states my bike was my main method of transportation other then the tram and/or train. I did not have a drivers license… and here is the shocker I still don’t! 32 years old can not drive a car (and does not want to).

So anyways right when the snow thawed I got out my bike because that was pretty much the end of parents driving you around season. And living in a very rural area there were not exactly any buses or trams I did not get those until I moved into a bigger city around 17 years of age. So this is how my do you take the bike mental checklist went : Are my parents going to drive me? Is it under 8 kilometers? Then NO. Do I really want to go where I am going? Yes? Ok bike time.

We did have a train that would go one an hour to the next bigger city… hah city if you can call 4500 people a city. I took that train to school the rest of the time I’d take my bike.

Last year Horus and I purchased those nice bike props and we used them a grand total of one time, I figure I should rectify that! it is such a nice model too! This particular one has single female and couple poses, they have a male version with single male and couple poses too or if you are not into couple poses there is a slightly cheaper one that has just the single poses. All that can be found at What Next. (One of my fave store to buy small decor and outdoor stuff!)

The dress came from C’est la vie! My love affair with that brand is still going strong and I am not seeing that ending anytime soon. (No this is not a sponsored post I bought everything myself I just happen to really like the brand!) I did not really feature the vest that comes with the dress but I thought I’d mention it there is a very nice knit vest with the dress too.

I did just remodel my part of the sim and built an even bigger and better forest behind the house I just can not live without those. I love how my sun rays peak through and you can even get a tiny glimpse on the house every now and then.

And yes I know that technically it is still winter but did anyone really want to see any more snow posts? Three months of that is enough we will just have a very long spring!

Through the Woods I

Through the Woods II

Forest Close Up


Adira was wearing

Mesh Mouth:VCO ~ Benny Mesh Lip
Mesh Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji~ Blue Eye @Kustom9
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara (with VCO Benny appliers)
Skin: VCO SKIN ~ benny (Wear)
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (casual) Slink Feet (flat) (with VCO Benny appliers)
Hair: !Oleander ~ Stefanie. Truffle @The Epiphany

Bow: [Cosmic Dust] & [LU] – Lovely Hair Bows – Vanilla @Kawaii Project
Eyeshadow/Blush/Nails:  (*ANGELICA) DOLLY PINK MAKE UP PACK3 #baby

Dress:  ::C’est la vie !:: Gwyneth outfit (skirt flower pink/lemon)  @Shiny Shabby
Shoes: fri. – Marsali.Flats (Antique)

Bicycle and Poses: {what next} Bramely Bicycle Pose Prop Singles&Couples

Author: Adira

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