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Ah September, I am turning 32 in less then a week… Not looking forward to that. This month has not been the greatest my eye strain and headaches persist and I was not able to get a new doctors appointment until the 19th of freaking next month.

I checked out most of the events I like this month, despite not posting a whole lot so far. Today I am going to cover Kawaii project, a newly purchased mesh head and just general cuteness. There has not been a dedicated cute-post in a while! It is going to get disgustingly cute again.

Anyways a while back tsg released the Aya head I did not immediately pick it up at release because I had a backlog of other stuff already. I finally got around to getting it though and I have to say I like it a lot. As is normal with those heads they come with a ton of make-ups, expressions and are just all around super high quality for my cuteness needs they are filling the role very very well. For everything else there is Genesis Lab. Yup I just admitted to loving those two, though in due time I do plan on picking up the Logo Alex head too especially now that there is some other skins for it.

I am pretty picky when it comes to skins and stick to the creators I like with very little deviation.

Anyway Autumn starts tomorrow and our themes will showcase that a little over the next few weeks. Horus and myself do not get to experience seasons where we live so we are going to delve into fall fashion in SL. Here in our RL home we have 1.75 seasons. Sorta kinda spring for 10 days, sorta kinda fall for uhh 2 days and maybe 2 weeks of sorta kinda cold enough to maybe wear a jacket weather. Though I am not complaining I hate snow if it touches me in any way shape or form and the cold is not for me either! I like to look at it.. not experience it! It does rain a whole lot! Horus would ike to chime in that the two seasons he accepts is sunny and not completely sunny because it is cloudy. Ah yes Florida I like Florida!

Kawaii project was a big hit with me this month, I found oodles of things and most of my fave vendors had something there that I liked!

Autumn Cute II

Autumn Cute I

Adira was wearing

Mesh Eyes: {S0NG} : – Gata~ Galaxy Eye @Cosmetic Fair
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: .tsg. – Eun-Seo A tone (appliers for Maitreya and Slink Hands/Feet sold separately)
Mesh Head: .tsg. – Aya Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Tammy Mesh Hair – Ethereal @Fameshed
Sweater Dress: Sweet Thing. – Cozy Mori Sweater – Choco – @Kawaii Project
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Liddell Boots (Pink)

Nails: .tsg. – Nails – Beary Pink

Racoon: +Half-Deer+ – Forest Friend [Raccoon]
All nature elements and ground bokeh from HPMD*

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