Meshes and Preferences

Here is a short list of the mesh body parts we own, we will be doing most of our imagery using any number of combinations of those and very rarely will we do images or posts using just the stock SL body without any enhancements. We also list some of our favorite themes here, however just because we prefer one theme does not mean we will not report on a multitude of other things too!

Adira’s owned meshes


  • Modern Clothing (Casual, Formal, Lingerie and Swim Wear)
  • Fantasy (Elves, Fae, Merfolk, Vampires and some Futuristic Themes)
  • World Clothing (with a focus on Asia, India and the Middle East)
  • Mesh Clothing and/or Clothing with appliers
  • Cute things (ALL CUTE THINGS)
  • Unique Sims



Horus’ owned meshes


  • TMP Deluxe Body (m)
  • TMP Deluxe Head (m)
  • Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
  • Slink AVEnhance Male Mesh Hands & Feet
  • Adam Male Mesh Body
  • Adam Male Mesh Head
  • Signature Gianni Male Mesh Body
  • Niramyth Aesthetic Male Mesh Body & Head
  • AITUI Gen4 Ears (Various)
  • MANDALA Mesh Ears (Various)
  • LOGO Ethan Male Mesh Head
  • CATWA Jackson Male Mesh Head
  • CATWA Justin Male Mesh Head