Adira and Horus

We are Adira and Horus; a couple and creative team blogging about Second Life Fashion and the grid.


AdiraWebImageAbout Adira

I am a female in my early 30ies and have recently returned to SL after a hiatus that began in 2008. Back then I was a skin maker and dabbled in a few other things however life came to kick me in the butt and a long break had to be taken but now I am back marveling at all the improvements since the last time I logged in. I love to discover new fashion and infinite combinations of how to put an outfit together.

I am the creative vision behind this blog. It is my job to come up with a theme, pick the designer(s) we will be showcasing and find a location and prepare the right poses. When all of that is done it is on me to edit the shots and write and post the article here. I am looking forward to re-discovering the marvelous world that is SL.


Selfie1_001About Horus

I’m the guy half of this particular couple, own up to spending quite a lot of time in virtual worlds (including way back when they only existed as text) and have a varied enough appreciation for fashion and artistic expression that diverges from by better half’s enough to keep things interesting.
My SL experience starts in 2006 and I spent most of the following two years as a semi-freelance photographer, though I spent a lot of time doing design, build and script work for our community as well.  Then, for reasons, there was a hiatus that ended at the beginning of 2015…

Damn have things evolved.  The level of quality in fashion (and in general, for that matter) has left me feeling a bit like a kid in a candy store stuck for a place to start as I know I’m going to try a little of everything before I’m done.  I look forward to sharing that process.
For my part, I’ll be providing the raw photos and the male modeling for this effort along with commentary and critique from my perspective.  There’ll probably be some random woolgathering and philosophical musings thrown in at some point as well.