A very proper Winter

I roleplay on a Vintage Victorian Inspired Sim so I am always in search for good attire. Finding sensible garb that fits the time period and is not from the bygone eras of flexi primtastic is not always easy. That being said some people still like flexi-prims I am just not one of them, a little accent here and there is perfectly ok but a full flexi-skirt? Uh no, thank you not for me.

So I am always pretty excited to see well-made mesh items that fit what I am looking for! This time I came across a small store going by the name of Zan’s run by Zantyago Mannonen. ( I realize I sound like this is a sponsored post…. however I purchased these items myself I just really like them!)

The first time I came across it I was in a hurry so I only picked up the demos and was on my way again it took me a day or two to actually try them on and they look fantastic! Very sensible well-made mesh that behaves pretty good when moving around ( not sitting though but hey I have work outfits like that in RL on occasion and sitting… well let’s just say that style of clothing is simply not very comfortable to sit in!) The items are full coverage so it really does not matter what body if any you are wearing.

Both of these outfits come in a variety of colors to choose from, just buy the one most appealing to you. Zantyago actually contacted me after my purchase oh and after I picked up the demo too offering help should I need any. That was pretty awesome, what was even more awesome was that I got a little glimpse of what is to come and I can say I will be a repeat customer. Zan’s also carried attire for men so check it out if you are looking for that kind of style!


A very proper Winter


Mesh Body Maitreya – Lara
Eye Applier
.ARISE. Dia Eyes / Sky
Skin [PF] Liya <Ivory> – Liya – CATWA Head Applier
Hair TRUTH HAIR Xia – light blondes
Outfit 1
Outfit  Zan’s  Blazer Belle (tweed and brown)
Hat  PLASTIX – Fur Cossack Hat (Brown)
Gloves  .tsg. Ribbon Glove – Black (Gacha)
Outfit 2
Outfit Zan’s  Tiered Crinoline outfit (purple)


Author: Adira

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