A mesh head comparison… or should we call it face off!

EDIT: LeLutka has now an expression update I will revisit the head soon as well as some of the newer Genesis Lab ones.


Could not help myself there, anyways I promised another mesh comparison and finally got around to doing this. Yes I am aware there are oodles of mesh heads… many many different makers and kinds. This is not the end all comparison.. clearly nor is it meant to be but I will be covering a few of the bigger names out there. I bought all of these myself and have not received any of these for free I am also not reviewing them but I will state my own opinion briefly at the end of this piece.

We are not looking at the bodies or the skins today, I can tell you that the TMP head is on a TMP body and the Slink Visage is attached to the Slink Physique the rest are worn on Maitreya.

So today I am looking at a Lelutka (Stella) head, a Slink Visage (Emma), a TMP head deluxe (classic), a The Sugar Garden head (Tsu) and a Genesis Labs head (Lilith 2.0).

While all of these heads are just a single one from that maker they are representative of this creators work and most of their other heads are of similar quality and work about the same as far as the HUDs are concerned.

Most of these heads are in the same price range give or take a few hundred Linden.

  • Lelutka (Stella) L$ 2500
  • Slink Visage (Emma) L$ 2.250
  • TMP deluxe (classic) L$ 5000 (Thee is a cheaper version of this head. It does however lack quite some functionality)
  • The Sugar Garden (Tsu) L$ 3000 (less if you go with a fantasy color then the price is around L$ 1500)
  • Genesis Labs (Lilith 2.0) L$ 2500


What is in the box?

The heads come with a few things right from the get go, so I am going to go over those things.

Lelutka: Aside from the head you get a HUD, appliers for three basic eye liners, two lipsticks, hair bases in the most used colors but all of them can be tinted over the main HUD and a mesh hairpiece with a HUD to match the colors of the hair bases. All required alphas and even some to be used with the mesh body of your choice. Another bonus for Lelutka is that Glam Affair made the skins for it so you are getting pretty high quality skins right out of the box!

Slink Visage: You get the head of course and a utility HUD as well as an expression HUD that also handles things such as the removal of applied make up. Visage comes with a range of make up and skin tones already included. You get a bunch of alphas combining your head alpha with hands/feet/body ones if you so desire, and a neck patch to use the Visage with the Slink Physique mesh body. And blending layers for the neck to your standard SL body.

TMP deluxe: Two heads, one is retrofit, use that one for the SL standard AVI or other mesh bodies.


The Sugar Garden: You get the head and a HUD, this HUD has everything you need to use the head right out of the box! It also handles the included make ups (there is a lot of them) and expressions. tsg heads have to be purchased in the skin tone of your choosing. Included in your purchase are the alphas needed to wear this Head.


Genesis Labs: You get the head and a HUD that handles everything from skin colors to the basic make up options included in your initial purchase. There are 4 skin tones, a variety of eye shadow, eye liner and lipsticks as well as minor flaws such as blemishes and scars as well as some freckle options, hair bases in standard natural colors. You also get a pair of ears.


Ok ok I know I talked enough right now you want pictures. Let us start with a full frontal view. (Sorry about the bald TMP head I do not own a hair bases for it, I usually wear mesh hair that does not require hair bases and it does not come with any.)

All of these images are fairly big click them to see them at their full size!

From the front they are all pretty good looking. (Even better with hair but we do not want hair obstructing the view right now!)

Heads Full Front


Here we have all of them from the side.  (Apologies for the seam on the TMP body I was way too focused on the angle to notice that I was not wearing the fitting body skin as well, there is not usually a seam like this.) There are some very distinct differences when it comes to the neck and jaw. The all look fine from the side except for the ears… maybe I am an ear snob but I can not stand any of these. Luckily most of these heads can either hide the ears or have them as a separate piece so I can just wear my favorite mesh ears made by Mandala.

Heads Side



And now close your eyes.. listen to my voice you get tired… oh wait wrong line… anyways four of these heads can close their eyes nicely for those sleepy or dreamy pictures. Depending on how you prefer closed lids to look all of these do pretty well with that, also the skin plays a big factor here this can look very different when using different skins.

Heads Eyes Closed


Now look surprised! Or pouty! Most of these heads do well opening their mouths too. TMP actually has a second setting that will open the mouth a little further even.. no no not that wide if you were thinking that… tsk. Again they all perform pretty well and if you are looking for that Rimmel London look you are lucky they can almost all do that.. sort of. (I am going to confess I hate the Rimmel Look…)

Heads Open Mouth


And that brings us to the HUD comparison and oh boy these could not be more different from one another. Apologies about the butchered TMP one but it is so huge it cuts off slightly on my screen and then I compacted it a little for the image so fear not it looks a lot better when in game.

I hate life


They are fairly self explanatory so I am not going to walk you through every detail of these huds you can read! Instead I am going to delve into a little bit of personal opinion here, remember take everything what I say with a grain of salt this is personal taste and yours may just be different. Lelutka is my clear fave when it comes to HUD everything is nice and angular and orderly. Now I wish it would apply the make up too but you need appliers for that but you can blend the make up from the main hud as well as tint the hair bases so that is great.

Next up is the Slink HUD I like it too it folds up very small onto your screen and is not ever in the way and while it also does not apply make up it certainly clears your layers so that is great. Again for make up you need applier huds, I did not show the utility HUD here as it deals with blending and skin tone issues and is not needed every time.

TMP I want to like this HUD at one point I did but now that it is so full of stuff I have problems remembering where what saves to so I just have to browse pages of everything to find what I am looking for and frankly I dislike it. Anyways enough of that rant and I apologize if you absolutely love that HUD you can! As I said before it is a taste thing. I will admit installing everything into the same place and having it all at hand is great on paper! It sorts your hings by skin color… or well sometimes by something else depending on the creator of what you are using so often the browse all button will be your savior.

The Sugar Garden HUD is super easy to use you got everything you want right there for now anyways. I do really like those preview images for the make up and expressions. You can also tint your hair bases from there as well as chose from a wide range of pre-made colors.

Genesis Lab is a easy to use albeit big HUD luckily it folds down when not in use, it gives you a basic choice of customizations and will also clear your make up layers for additional make up options you will have to use appliers. There are however some problems so keep reading I will get those those in a little bit.


Express yourselves!

I love being able to use actual expressions and there are only two heads here that truly do that and honestly I would love for other creators to follow suit because a nice smile or silly face is really quite charming at times. Out of the heads compared here today only two do this. Slink Visage’s Emma and Sugar Garden’s Tsu. So here is a tiny showcase of some of the expressions of either head. This time with hair and some clothing and let me tell you that feature is pretty great!

Slink Emotions


TSG Emotions

Awesome right?

Support? Support!

Now this I find is important, how well is a head supported and I do not just mean by the creator but the wider community of talented content creators. Lelutka for being such a new product has some phenomenal early support I am sure a number of you noticed all of the Lelutka compatible things popping up all over the grid. Now another nice thing is that this range of mesh heads works flawlessly with the Maitreya body.

Slink Visage has been around for a while and there is quite a few places that offer some great appliers for the head and with its last update the head also got a major overhaul itself and allows proper make up layers and there is ample support for that too.

TMP has great community support, most people in the serious skin and make up business offers TMP appliers for just about anything you may want to put in your face. So you will not run into much trouble finding the skin and make-up of your dreams!

The Sugar Garden has some budding support mostly in the mall they have attached to their store, a few vendors have set up shop there or are about to and are offering appliers for the tsg heads, so keep your eyes peeled there may be a lot on the horizon. (Loveley Disarray has a coming soon sign there…. I am SO EXCITED!)

Genesis Lab has a few appliers out there, right now I only know of the ones the owner made and I own all of them. I hope to see more stuff in the future.

All of these heads work fairly well with the SL standard AV.

Uh Oh…

Now we are going to go over a few things that are problematic or I personally dislike, again the dislikes are personal opinion the problems are actual problems.

Start with the biggest problem first, that is how Genesis Lab’s head has problems and long load times when you apply make up and sometimes after a re-log or when someone else takes a picture of you the make up is not visible to you or them depending, this is acknowledged by the creator in a note card and there is an easy fix to this take off the head and put it back on that will make stuff show up.. still it can be a hassle or outright annoying. I also hate the ears luckily they are optional. No expressions.. zero.. so that is sad.

All of the TMP heads have very strong features at least I think so and often it is just too strong for me, I already ranted about the HUD and the price is out there really out there. And the lack of expressions kinda makes this one even more questionable for the price range. The ears can not be removed… and I do not like them that is a problem for me.Oh and you do not get starter skins with it and the HUD comes from the shops itself, which could get confusing for a new person.

Slink Visage has a few issues too there is some oddness with the lashes and if you run into trouble turn on mask mode or turn it off depending on what you are experiencing… and oh god those cauliflower ears… I also dislike them and no matter what skin they never look good, luckily they can be hidden and you can wear a mesh ear of your choice or hide them under hair… lots of hair.

tsg is kind of a niche thing, if you like sickly sweet (which admittedly I do) or a touch of anime this is a great head for you if you do not.. stay away you will always look overly cute.  Ears are stuck too.. I’d rather wear my own.

Lelutka you do everything so right but no expressions.. I would love you more if you had some of those.


Is she done yet?


All in all I would like to add the heads are all well made and funnily enough when I do vampy and goth stuff the Genesis Lab one is my favorite just a shame for those missing expressions. The TMP head I got early on into my return in SL if I were to purchase a head now I would not buy it simply because in my opinion even the SL face can be made to look more interesting then the TMP head, but upon my return I was in a mesh craze MUST HAVE ALL MESH. I mean it is not a bad head just… eh… again personal opinion if that is your favorite head that is fine too it does look nice at times! Feel free to yell at me or just tell me why you think TMP rules or whichever head you like best I always like to hear from people and maybe I’ll find a completely different head I want to try out too. Anyways I hope this helps show you some of the many available options within SL and please do not take offense if you do not agree with my personal viewpoints I promise I am not doing this to make anyone angry! Creators included!


Author: Adira

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  1. They all look the same. Someone posted a huge wall in sim of 100s of heads in each category. It just looks like the same fave with different makeup. The worst part is the heads take away from the most important feature in sl which is customization… Making your own face. The ugly chin, nose and small eyes are just all too similar.

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    • I use my own heads in most images with some mesh attachments because I for the most part agree, the new Genesis Labs heads though I like. Finally with expressions and flaws even.

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    • Well this is a fashion blog dedicated to Second Life, you can safely assume this is from second life then.

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