A look at the new Slink Body

Slink released a second female body and updated their original one. The new body is for those people who love Slink but lamented the fact that it was a more athletic shape. Good news the new body has a very feminine hourglass shape and can be made to fit just about any taste from curvy to plump.

I went out and picked the new body up and took it for a little spin doing the usual thing of contorting it to see how well it bends and if/when the mesh starts breaking. A few things first, mesh and rigging are never perfect! and while this body performs incredibly well for the most part the plumper you make it the more mesh flaws start to crop up.

So while I did not make the body overly curvy I very quickly noticed that often my hands were sticking right through the hips, granted this is a problem that can be fixed with tools such as Animare and therefor not the biggest of problems. Another plus is that this is a Slink product you will get a bunch of support and I have already seen some meshes crop up that offer the hourglass support! A word of warning this body does not fit the standard sizing and while you can make a bunch of stuff fit it looks best wearing mesh that was rigged to go with this body. Out of the box it comes with a mesh dress and a pair of underwear. The underwear was made by Blueberry and has also been added to the original body.

The HUD is nothing new it is the standard Slink HUD functional and with a lot of alpha slices to chose from. There is another new thing though Slink bodies, hands and feet and even visage now have Omega support! That is exciting news if you ask me, the original body, hands and feet oh and visage too have received a recent update to add the Omega capability so go on and pick up your updated versions.

Slink bodies are also not all that expensive though you have to remember that the hands and feet do NOT come with it so those are extra purchases which do drive the cost up a little.

These pictures are not really edited, as always the bodies are unretouched and no postwork fixes were done to make things look better on the body this is pretty much a raw view

First up a view from the front.

SLink Hourglass_001Nothing too surprising here, notice the nice hip shape and lovely thighs.

Looking at it from the back.

SLink Hourglass_008Definitively a good view too, it performs well standing and the waist does subtle twists well and in this position the shoulders look great too.

Next up kneeling, here we are looking at the performance of the knees specifically though the bend of the elbow in this position looks good too.

SLink Hourglass_002This is not a very extreme bend and the mesh and rigging holds up great!

Now we contort the body a little more.

SLink Hourglass_004This is a little more extreme, you can see a tiny bit of oddness around the shoulder and thigh but honestly this is still pretty good! So far the rigging is doing well. I’ll give you an alternative angle of this pose too.

SLink Hourglass_003Again just a tiny bit of strangeness with the shoulder and we are certainly reaching the limitations of how a thigh can be angles when it comes to SL mesh, without more refined weight-mapping which is not possible in SL the leg will always clip into the body, honestly it looks pretty good still.

Adding just a little more stress to those joints in the next image.

SLink Hourglass_006The knees are now bent quite extreme and it should not come as a surprise that they are clipping a little but I have to say the rigging holds up better then in some other mesh bodies i have seen, this is in no way shape or form grotesque yet! I would also like to note that I made the breasts as small as i can without the mesh breaking, they do not go smaller then 33 or your mesh is going to start to break.

And even more stress to those joints!

SLink Hourglass_005Well you can see for yourself, you likely should not do this to any mesh body but even then this is not the worst clipping I have ever seen! I’d like to point out the neck though, I found that the neck bends could be a little smoother but honestly that is not the end of the world!

And last but not least a good look at those shoulders.

SLink Hourglass_007Yep we have some mesh deforming here, not the worst I have seen, not the best either.


I am not going to bore you with pics of the HUD it is a Slink HUD and not a whole lot different from the Slink HUD I showcased a few months ago.


Alright so here are my thoughts.

Overall this body is pretty sweet, especially if you are going to make it a whole lot more curvy then i did for these pictures though keep in mind the more curve the more mesh oddness you get, but that is the case with just about any and all meshes out there since the added mass has to go somewhere when moving and posing.

This body performs well under stress and being Slink it already has a ton of skins ready for you to use and the clothing to go with this mesh is going to start popping up everywhere, go check out Uber and you will see a few items with compatibility already.

This is not going to be my new favorite body… not because I see anything wrong with it but I prefer the hip shape of my Maitreya to this, however I will say that this one is a lot more realistic then most other bodies I own and will be my go to for things where i want a little more realism. The other big plus is that there are always a bunch of updates for Slink meshes and improvements happen pretty frequently. If you are looking for a curvy well supported body this might just be it, and the great thing you do not have added hassle of having to keep up with mesh breasts and butt/legs separately, this is a all in one solution that can be made to fit your unique style with the help of the sliders which it responds to very very well!


Skin is from Alterego.

Author: Adira

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