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I finally got around to doing what I had been meaning to do for a while, a proper post using one of Fenni Crispien’s items. Fenni recently opened a store and makes cute clothing at very modest prices. She has also made a male shirt for the Niramyth body, so if you have that body that might be of some interest to you! I have known Fenni for a very long time and was happy to see that she was still around when I returned to SL. She was already creating things back then and did more then a few decorations for the club I used to own. Find TCH on the Marketplace or in world.

Other then that it took me a few days to get into C88 and I had wanted to cover that a little earlier so there is a post or two in the works that will be covering Collabor88.

Now before we get to the picture there are a few things I would like to get off my chest. Having done the blogging thing for about seven months now a few things have become pretty clear to me. First is that I do not ever want to be an official event blogger, at least not on the terms most of those events set. Having to blog a certain number of items or using your website to promote the event even before it starts is not exactly in the spirit of this blog. And I really do not want to turn the blog into just an add stream. I want to cover the things I like and while I have no problems to do promotions every now and then I do want to cover the things that I personally like and events are a mixed bag and I can be picky as hell, sometimes I can not find anything on events several months in a row that I feel I want to blog that would be a serious problem if I had to. I will however gladly cover events on my own when I actually found stuff there, sure that means I have to buy the stuff myself but that is fine!

Now as you notice I do not mind blogging for stores, I do it here and there but I do not have a whole list of ‘sponsors’ I simply have not cared to sign up to a whole lot, often times I thought about it but when reading over their requirements I have to ask myself is that really what I want to do? Often times the answer is no. As a rule of thumb if I am required to blog a certain brand more then twice a month then I am not likely going to be signing up. Sure sometimes I will blog something more then twice a month but that is purely because I feel like it and not because someone told me I have to or be dropped.

Horus very much shares my views on this.

This means we have to buy most things we blog honestly that is ok with us it means we will be showcasing the things we really like and would wear outside of blogging too. We blog because it is fun to do so but we also do a bunch of other things and most of them are not Second Life, fashion blogging is not going to become a job for us it is a hobby we enjoy.

Now what I do not mind doing is blogging stores that could use a little extra exposure every now and then, really if you have a store that could use some help just prod either me or Horus in SL and let us take a look at things if we like them we can pick one or two things and then put them into an upcoming post and feature you every now and then. We would love to do that, there are a lot of great stores and creators in SL that barely get any exposure or bloggers because they do not belong to the big events and/or brands or are a bit of a niche market. And honestly that is a shame. (If you would like us to blog your small store and original creations every so often contact Laylah Yaseotoko in game. That is my legacy name – Adira)

In the end it all comes down to preferences and in our case we value staying independent over pretty much everything else. Other people see things differently and that is fine πŸ™‚

Ok I am done talking here is the picture I promised!




Adira was wearing

Mesh Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes – Slate
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands (Flat)
Mesh Ears: Mandala– Stekking Ears
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Venus V3
Skin: alterego – -kensi-le- ash tan (no longer available was a limited edition)
Mesh Mouth: Loud Mouth – Allie 3.0
Hair: pr!tty – Ariel – {Ombres}

Nails: DP – DP – Koffin Nails – Slink – Scratch N Sniff @Thrift Shop 10
Lipstick: NOX. – Candy Lip [Nude]
Nose Stripe: ~SongBird~ – Raider Facepaint

Shirt:-TCH- – Drape Top – Hamsa
Ruffled Buttstrap: [Glitzz] – Lady – Micro FitSkirt – Black
Panty:[Glitzz] – Lady Underwear – Black


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