A day at the Beach

As I mentioned before we live on a beautiful beach so we decided to go with that theme today, and believe me we will do so more often in the future.

Let’s start off with a tranquil morning at the beach house. I will admit to it right now.. I LOVE Zaara you will see why shortly. And possibly Truth Hair more then I would like others to know!

Day at the Beach 1-2

The cute little beach cottage was made by InVerse, it is called Baby Malibu, check it out!

Day at the Beach 3

This lounger is super awesome, low prim lots of animations and 4 different places to sit. Bought at Headhunter’s Island. It is worth a visit and can cover all of your beach needs including houses. The cooler also came from there and it dispenses drinks!

Day at the Beach 4

The float also came from Headhunter’s Island, several animations and there are different colors available.

Day at the Beach 5-6

The surfboard was a steal, it was made as a freebie/1 Linden item by !bang. Go and check it out. The bikini in this image is actually the first one I purchased ever! And it is awesome guess what it comes with appliers for all of the main mesh bodies and Omega ones too.


I love Zaara.. I spend too much time there and then I will go through a lot of trouble to fit things to at least two of my mesh bodies… I am always eagerly awaiting new releases! Other then that I love all things beach, I used to spend entire summers at the beach in Sardinia and France, Spain and Portugal so living on a SL beach is absolutely great and a good excuse to wear beach things all the time!-Adira

Had a lot of fun playing on the beach and seeing what looked good for the warmer seasons to come.  Again for guys its mostly about how good your look with the least on, but don’t neglect your wardrobe. There’s more options than just board shorts and sunscreen. -Horus


Horus was wearing

Mesh Body: TMP Deluxe (m)
Mesh Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Mesh Ears: AITUI – Stretched Ears Gen. 4
Skin: 7 deady s[K]ins – Elijah – Caramel
Hairbase: Damselfly – Duncan – Parted Brown
Hair: Damselfly – Duncan – Mixed Tones
Watch: MANDALA – Kotowari Watch – Black
Bracelet: NOMAD – Bound Wings – Silver
Ring: 7mad.Ravens – Chipped Stone Ring
Facial Piercings: Hebenon Vial – Subtle Dare – Frost – Thick

_Outfit One_ Picture 1
Shirt: DUFAUX – TMP Fitted White Cotton Tank
Shorts: NoName – Chase Shorts

_Outift Two_ Picture 2
Shirt: DUFAUX – TMP Fitted White Cotton Tank
Pants: DAPPA – Capris – Paisley

_Swimwear_ Picture 3-5
Trunks: DUFAUX – TMP Fitted Speedo – Galaxy print


Adira was wearing

Mesh Body: TMP – Deluxe (f)
Mesh Head: TMP – Deluxe Classic (f)
Skin: THESKINSHOP -( Tone 17) (SKIN) ‘Chanel’ (Busty) (also comes with SL avatar versions)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dulce –  light blondes
Bracelet: ZAARA – Banjara kada bracelets *stacked*
Sandals: ZAARA – [Mesh] Janya jeweled sandals *fuschia* (They are for Slink feet and the SL AV but easily fitted to TMP)

_Outfit One_ Picture 1
Top: ZAARA – [Mesh] Sanya draped top *rust*
Shorts: ZAARA -[Mesh] Elina shorts *coral*
Sandals: ZAARA – [Mesh] Janya jeweled sandals *fuschia* (They are for Slink feet and the SL AV but easily fitted to TMP)

_Outift Two_ Picture 2
Shirt: ZAARA – [Group Gift] Lila crop top (unpacked)
Shorts: ZAARA -[Mesh] Elina shorts *coral*

_Swimwear 1_ Picture 3-4
Swimsuit: ZAARA – [Mesh] Latika swimsuit *bordeaux*

_Swimwear2_ Picture 6
Bikini: PHENIX – Floral Bikini + Appliers – Pink





Author: Adira

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